Thursday, November 17, 2005

New Webpage

I finally have my own webpage hosted through It is nothing fancy (will probably stay like that for a while). I just want to use it to store my animations from so that I can link to them from this blog.

My last weeks assignment (class 3 week 8) is a re-blocking of the second dialogue test. I chose a soundclip from the movie "National Treasue". The scene it is from plays originally in a library.
My scene plays in a bathroom.
My first attempt from week 7 was to have the character sit in a bathtub and talk to his wife who knows everything better.
Since my mentor Warren Trezevant (from Pixar) said "it didn't read at all" I re-did my blocking and made the person talk to the duck instead.
What I need to change this week is to move the duck on the water and also to change the ending so that he is not randomly mean with the duck, flinging it away.

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