Monday, August 01, 2005

Class 2 Week 6

My wife and daughter left for America to visit her parents for a month last week.
I thought I would have more time for AM but somehow ended with time pressure towords our sunday deadline again.
We were supposed to do refine our push assignment and have 4 poses that show Stu in different emotions (relaxed, alert, engaged, rejected/disgusted).
It took me so long to do the splines in Maya. I thought that one hour woud be enough for the legs but they took me more then two hours. Also I had trouble getting the transition between FK and IK in the arms right. I had the change occur over 4 frames and the hands just spun around wildly. Then I altered it so it would change from one frame to the other. The problem was that I did that while the hands were touching the box and so not moving much. But under the timepressure I could not get the hands to allign nicely in the frames before touching the box so I have some jittering in them now.
After I uploaded the push I had 25minutes left for doing the emotion poses which was not really much and it shows in my poses. There's no real silhoutte there, arms are covered .... I wanted to do a guy lying on the beach and hearing a seagul, looking at it, being pooped on and then being disgusted about that. I don't know anymore if I should stay with that cause I don't know how I would show the poop cause it's so little. (I could pretend it's a giant mutant seagul though).

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